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About Us
We are an association of Personal Care Home operators providing
individualized and customized care to seniors in Saskatchewan.

A Brief History of our Association


In 1991, a group of Regina Personal Care Home operators met to discuss issues of common interest.  This forward thinking group of small business owners felt that in order to have a “voice” in government, an association was necessary.  Thus, the Regina Personal Care Home Association was formed.


At time of writing, in 2017, twenty-six years later, the association has transformed and grown!  We are very proud to call ourselves the “Association of Personal Care Home Operators of Saskatchewan”!

This association invites all small business Personal Care Home operators in the province to join our voice!   We are proud to report that we now have developed a wonderful relationship with our licensing branch of the government, The Ministry of Health Community Care Branch.  Invitations to participate in decision making and policy review have been forthcoming and our voice is now being heard.  We encourage small care home operators to get involved with our Association so that their opinions and ideas can be considered by our licensing body.

In addition, representatives of the Community Care Branch, Personal Care Homes division attend our Annual General Meeting, where those in attendance have the opportunity to ask questions and hear first-hand any developments or changes that may be in our future.  Opinions and issues are discussed in an assembly of mutual respect.

In the last few years, we have become involved participants in the Saskatchewan Association for Safe Workplaces in Health.   We have enjoyed and benefited immensely due to representation on their board of directors.  Prior to this involvement, personal care homes had no access to necessary educational courses.  Now we have free opportunities to access required courses for our staff.

As new personal care home operators join our association, we will be in a better position to bring about changes that will benefit seniors and operators alike through effective lobbying and advertising. We will work toward better subsidization for seniors living in personal care homes, more training for operators and their staff as well as making Personal Care Homes the care facility of choice in Saskatchewan.


Twenty-siw years seems like a long time.  We know the business of change takes time.  With a stronger voice in our great province, we know the future for our senior population will be bright.  Thank you to all those who have participated in this “family” over the years and welcome to those of you just now joining our association.

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