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About Us
We are an association of Personal Care Home operators providing
individualized and customized care to seniors in Saskatchewan.

Code of Ethics

Each member of the association pledges to respect the rights & privileges of each individual and is committed to providing the very highest standards of safe, knowledgeable & compassionate care as set out in our Code of Ethics.

Professional Relationship

We must maintain a good, open, working relationship with the health care sector by conducting our affairs in a professional manner.

Care We Can Not Provide

We must know our limitations and not admit a resident who requires a higher level of care than we can safely manage. We will start the process to ensure adequate care is given to the resident while awaiting the resident’s transfer.

Care With Proper Training

For residents requiring certain care needs, we agree to either receive the proper training to provide the care required, or to arrange for trained providers to provide the care.

Business Ethics

We agree to conduct our business in a professional manner and to comply with all rules and regulations of the Personal Care Homes Act and Regulations and other related legislation.


We will not intentionally break confidentiality in matters relating to any resident’s affairs, For example, we will not discuss financial, health or other issues with anyone except health care professionals responsible for the care of the resident.

Responsibility to the Personal Care Home Sector

We encourage a positive interaction and cooperation, discourage the use of unfair practices for individual gain, and are willing to participate actively in the Association.

No Financial Exploitation

We agree to charge a reasonable and fair rate for services provided and it must be fair to both parties.

Best Interest of Resident

We will strive to maintain a healthy, safe, and positive environment for the resident.

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