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About Us
We are an association of Personal Care Home operators providing
individualized and customized care to seniors in Saskatchewan.

Medication Assistance

Residents of personal care homes may take medications to help them stay healthy or to manage illness.  Personal care homes must have qualified, trained staff to assist in medication assistance.  This training is provided by the ministry of health and personal care home operators.

Staff receive training regarding:

  • What medications the resident receives
  • Why the resident is receiving the medication
  • How to assist the resident in taking the medication correctly
  • When the resident is to receive the medication
  • Side effects associated with the medications
  • Documentation of medication assistance

With consistent, careful assistance and monitoring of medications, your family member is more able to feel better and stay healthy.  Personal care home operators and their staff will work together with your pharmacist to avoid over-prescribing and duplication of medications.

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