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An explanation of the differences between Assisted Living, Personal Care Homes, and Special Care Homes.

In the table below, the main characteristics of Assisted Living Facilities, Personal Care Homes, And Special Care Homes are identified in such a way that they can be compared in terms of how each may be similar and different from each other.   Each of these seniors' housing options are licensed differently and identified differently by name within Saskatchewan.  It is to your benefit to understand what each option includes and does not include, as well as how each is regulated.  More information and more understanding of available options helps you to make more informed decisions when deciding on housing options for yourself or someone close to you.  


Assisted Living Personal Care Homes Special Care Homes
Non-Licensed and not Inspected Licensed and Inspected by Sask Ministry of Health Licensed and Inspected by Sask Ministry of Health
No Legislated Staff Requirements Legislated Staff Requirements Legislated Staff Requirements
Cleaning , Meals, and Laundry Services Only Personal Care and Medication Assistance Personal Care, Medications and Medical Assistance
No Recreation Services Required Recreation Services Required Recreation Services Required
No financial assistance available Personal Care Home Benefit available but majority of fees paid by individual Heavily  Subsidized; Individual only pays a small fraction of actual cost
No Assessment Required No Initial Assessment Required Must be Assessed by Health Region to Qualify
Usually large, corporate-owned facilities Generally small, home-like residences Always large, institutionalized facilities
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