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Common Queries and Questions

Some Care Homes have arrangements with qualified practitioners to attend to the residents. However, access to specialized or medical care within the Personal Care Home differs from home to home. You may ask the operator of the home you are inquiring about about whether nurses are on-call or on staff, whether a physician visits the home, and any other questions you have about specialized or medical care in the care home.
Personal Care Home inspections are carried out by representatives of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health. These inspections take place annually, or more often if the inspectors believe more frequency is necessary. The Ministry is not required to give Personal Care Homes advance notice of upcoming inspections. Details in regard to those inspections are publicly available on the ministries website.
Deficiencies are listed on the Ministry's website where inspection reports are listed. Serious deficiencies must be corrected, otherwise the home is prevented from caring for residents. Less serious deficiencies may result in a warning for the Personal Care Home, and a limited period of time during which the deficiency must be corrected.
Prices are set by each Care Home and independent of the Association or any governing bodies. Please consult the particular Personal Care Home you are inquiring about as to their prices. We do list the minimum and maximum prices in our directory.
The type of payment methods accepted by the many Personal Care Homes is dependent on the individual Care Home. Please address this with the Care Home of your choice. Some forms of payment include cheques, online e-transfers, and credit card payments.
The care options offered will vary by Care Home. Some homes offer quite complex care; others offer basic supervision and light assistance only. Please consult the Care Home which you are considering to discuss your specific care needs and ensure the operator is confident that he or she can meet these needs. All Personal Care Homes must admit only residents for whom they can provide Safe and Adequate Care. Our directory does display the care offered by each independent Care Home.
Many of the Personal Care Homes in our association have arranged for outside service providers to come to the Care Home to attend to residents' needs which are outside the expertise of the regular staff. Examples of this might be a hair stylist or a foot care nurse. The operator of the home may also arrange resident transportation to the outside providers' facilities for their particular service. Check our directory listings for services offered.
Some homes have 24 hour awake care and supervision; others offer a staff member in the home at night, but this person may not be required to be awake all night. Some homes have several staff members on shift on any given day; other homes have 1 staff on shift at all times. Please consult the Care Home which you are considering for staffing details, and evaluate whether you believe the staffing level is adequate for the level of care the home states it provides. Our Associaion encourages all members to adequately staff their home to provide Safe and Adequate Care at all times for all residents. Our directory does display the care offered by each independent Care Home.
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